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March 2, 2020 , , wpp2vrlShpC6
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Portrait Portfolio Builder

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For many professions, you are one of the most important thing to be seen. This is especially try for Actors, Models and influencers, and to a lesser extent Musicians and even when selling a service or a product you may be the influencing factor on people purchasing those. So we have developed our Portrait Portfolio Builder, it allows Models to build there look book, actors to show their range and introduces Influencers, Musicians and Personalities to the world.

We’ll speak to you before the shoot to decide on the Best Look. Is it to have a Studio and focus on our Lighting and Looks. Or do we shoot on Location, use Natural Light and use the Location as a feature of your Portraits, which maybe important if you or your Business is synonymous with a place, or breaking into a new area is a particular achievement.

On our shoot here with Beth we were working on Location in Southend, and so we wanted to bring in some of the Beach features into the shoot. Beth was looking to build her Modelling Portfolio, so we had a wonderful shoot, covering. Head Shots, 1/2, 3/4 and full Length shots.

Manchester Portrait Photographer

From our bases in London and Manchester we cover the whole of the UK, and we are always to visit somewhere new for one of our Portrait Shoot and find some great new Locations and Backgrounds for your shots. We are as happy working on Location as we are working in the Studio. Ford a little bit more information on Portrait Shoots, take a look at our Photographic Portfolio Builder Page and for a bit more of our work, check our Portraits Gallery. To talk to us about your Portrait Portfolio Builder shoot, email us at stickman@stickmanphotographic.co.uk or call us on 07964 755 815.

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