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We love to start working with businesses when they are starting. This was the case with Graham Austin and Garden Railways. He was setting up the business and in the process of getting new stock and wanted to demonstrate to a new audience how Garden Model Railways looked and worked and fitted in with the existing Garden space.

Working in a Garden with the Great British weather we had to delay our initial shoot through the afternoon as we waited for the rain to stop. But when it did we were gifted with a glorious evening, with some simply quite stunning light, that made the models look wonderful in their Garden setting.

The models themselves were hugely Photogenic. It was wonderful to see the level of detail that went in to them. This coupled (pun intended!), with the orange glow of the setting sun, meant that it was great moving around and finding the angles to show off these wonderful elements coming together.

Each product is different and unique, and you’ll know your key Target Audience, so before the shoot we’ll talk to you about the look that we want to achieve, so that we can build up the scene around that. We love the challenge of bring something different and unique to product photography, as we achieved with the wonderful setting of Garden Railways.

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From our bases in London and Manchester we cover the whole of the UK. We love Product Photography as we love being looking for the unique details, like the bells and whistles on Graham Austin’s Garden Railways. We do however current all sort of Commercial Photography, including Headshots and Lifestyle to complete a full rounded image of your Business. You can read more about our work and approach on our Small Business Portfolio Builder. To find our what we can do your Business and Products email us at stickman@stickmanphotographic.co.uk.

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