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Whichever industry you are in, a Portfolio of well captured images can help define your craft or art. In the creative industries a portfolio is an essential, with actors, dancer and models we can help to demonstrate your range of looks, style and your charisma. Demonstrate that you can pose or become a number of different characters, and invest in these, whilst also having depth in the range. For creatives behind the scene, it gives you a chance to connect with your audience and engage with them. And we love the different look and styles we can build up.
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Natural Light Photography

We love working in natural light, and one of the things we love doing on our Portfolio Shoots is working on location. This gives us a great many opportunities for the shoot. We can pick out a location for it’s appearance, for colours and shapes and the energy it bring to the images.  Or we can pick a location that defines your creativity and links in to your art, or a place that is special to you and defines you. We’ll normally try to also pick out a place that gives us multiple locations, that we can travel to quite easily, and achieve a number of different looks and style.

Studio Shoots

As well as working outside in Natural Light, we love working in the Studio as well. Working in a Studios gives us a chance to control the light, and we can work to set up specific shots. We can use the light to show shape and form, as well as setting up a particular mood. It’s also a bit easier to control the weather in a studio!

Creative Portraits

We also love doing something a little creative on our Shoots. We love the use of Light to Create shadow or a uniques Background. We also love to tell photographic stories, and this can be a great way of working on our Photographic Portfolio Builder Shoot, as it allows us to capture a variety of different looks and images.

Black and White Photography

We love working in Black and White, indeed, in the days of Film we would generally have a roll of 37mm Black and White Film in the Camera. Now in the world of Digital we don’t have to make a single choice, we can work with both from a Camera RAW File, and so we’ll process your image sin both Colour and Black & White.

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